Friday, 17 January 2014

Handover date!!! :-)

So we got the call I have been looking forward to...we have a handover date!! 30th January, bring it on!! :-) cannot WAIT to move into our beautiful new home! Now begins all of the prep...sorting out the end of our rental lease, packing more, removalist, buy some boxes, change postal address, organise fencing, driveway and ducted air. We are so excited, our house is everything we wanted it to be and more :-)
Wes in the shower lol
Our awesome new SPA! 
Lights are all finished

New touch pad range hood

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas update :)

Well once again I have not kept up with the blog, oops! But everything is still going really well and we are stoked with the build. It's starting to get closer, carpets and the rest of the plumbing and I think that's about it! Here are some photos of the progress:
Floor tiles :)

Rainwater tank in

Feature tiling
Solar hot water 
Garage door in
Timber doors stained

Friday, 22 November 2013

Can't keep up! ;)

So with life being fairly hectic in general this time of the year I can't keep up with the progress on the blog....everything is going so quick!! Not that we're complaining! Lol ;) Plantation have been amazing and we are so happy with everything so far, not one hiccup! (Touch wood) 
So this is where we are at...
Our neighbours cat Smokey- he is our site supervisor haha

Our doors

Butlers pantry


Door to be stained

Front door (to be stained)
Tiling started 
Porcelain tiles :)

Monday, 4 November 2013

WOW :)

So we have had a LOT of exciting things happen at our block lately.....Frame, roof, gyprock, electrical & plumbing rough in, solar panels, 
windows, timber stacker doors, plastering, ducted air con rough in....aaanndd the bricks have started!!
So just a bit of progress lol ;P

Wes in the frame :)
Solar panels
Ducted air con

Timber stacker doors 


BRICKS!! :) :)

Friday, 18 October 2013

LOTS of progress!

We have a slab! We also have a frame! Woohoo!!! :-) :-) 

It's amazing how quick things are going along! 

The slab was poured last Thursday, so in the space of a week there has been a lot of progress! We will be ready to move in next week at this rate hehe ;-P

Wes and I after the site was cut 

Showing a mate our slab! 
Sunset over the slab

The frame kicks off!
 Just after a week of having the slab poured this is where we are at! :-) tiles have been delivered ready for the roof next week.......

Monday, 30 September 2013


We thought at times we wouldn't get there, but we can now officially say CONSTRUCTION HAS STARTED!!!!!!!!!!  :-) :-)

After a few life hurdles including both of us changing jobs, me living away for work for 6mths and a family tragedy, life is fiiinaallyy looking up and our dream is starting to become reality. Construction on our home officially started on Thursday the 26th September 2013 :-D

So far the site has been cut, the surveyor has pegged out the home and plantation have set up :)


Ps- cannot speak highly enough of Plantation re: the delays. They were patient, understanding and never pushed us once. 

DAY 1- site cut 26 September 

Our neighbour took the first photos for us and delivered the surprise that they had kicked things off :)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

A word on Plantation :)

Ok, so a little word about Plantation so far...

They have been FANTASTIC!!! We have been dealing with them since July/August and have been very impressed with just how organised, lovely and easy they are to deal with. We hope it continues when we start the build next year :)

One of the best things so far is that they are super organised and on top of things. When you pay your initial deposit you receive a handy folder that has all of the building process explained and organises all of your documents into sections as you receive them. For an 'organiser-nerd' like myself, I was def impressed ;)

So to give an overview of where we are up to in the building process-

-We paid our initial deposit and had the soil test completed (M-class soil, which was good)
- We attended our New Home Proposal meeting & signed the NHP
- We had our contract appointment, went through all of our plans & signed it - lock it in Eddy!
- We had our colour selection appointment (more to come on that soon) This was a HUGE day of decision making, but it went really well and we are super excited about what we've chosen in our selections.
- We have had our electrical appointment on the Sunshine Coast. It was really informative and the lady was very helpful. It took us nearly 3hrs, but it was well worth it as we're very happy with the additional lighting we've put in :)

So we have almost completed the 'administrative' side of things, which is what we had aimed to do by the end of the year. Our timeline (if all goes to plan) will see us ready to kick things off at the beginning of next year. We would rather this as the builders & PH go on leave over the Christmas/New Year break :)

I have attached our plans.

Some additional changes we have made:
1) Extended the alfresco
2) closed in the butlers pantry with a feature door
3) Added a spa to the ensuite
4) Added provision for ducted air-con (we will buy the unit down the track)
5) Added a long bench in the laundry
6) Upgraded to the 'Blake' facade